Rebel With A Kettlebell

Principles of Physical & Mental Strength

Objective Happiness

Principles of Mental & Physical Liberty

* Begin with strong roots to grow and stay strong.

* Invest in yourself to create values for yourself and others. (Learn about your interests and discover new or different areas of interest.)

* Do what you love. (Help yourself and others create a healthy body, mind, and spirit.)

* Get out and stay out of unnecessary debt to create more peace of mind. (Consolidate debts into one lower interest rate loan.)

* Invest in yourself and others using win/win tools to build and secure your future independence. (Use low-cost/high-value financial services like Wealthfront to become a long-term investor in the global market of the creation and exchange of values and/or Prosper to become a borrower to start a business, consolidate high interest debt, or become a peer-to-peer lender for others.)

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