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7 Prosperity & Happiness Quotes for Week 09 - Sunday, February 29, 2004


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I hope you are well and that these quotes will help you in your search for more prosperity and happiness. It is my pleasure each week to bring some of that to you and those you keep close.

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1) The 7 Prosperity & Happiness Quotes for Week 09


1. "You don't need an explanation for everything.Recognize that there are such things as miracles, eventsfor which there are no ready explanations. Later knowledgemay explain those events quite easily." - Harry Browne

2. "Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on whatyou intend to do." - Liz Smith

3. "No matter what we want of life we have to give upsomething in order to get it." - Raymond Holliwell

4. "Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is byspending oneself that one becomes rich." - Sarah Bernhardt

5. "The only way to discover the limits of the possible isto go beyond them into the impossible." - Arthur C. Clarke

6. "Saying yes and no clearly builds confidence and ridsus of the misconception that we are powerless."- Marsha Sinetar

7. "You must pay the price if you wish to secure theblessing." - Andrew Jackson


2) Featured Product of the Week

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4) Quote Submissions from Our Subscribers

"I can envision exceptional beauty in ordinary faceswhen observed from the heart." - Mary Ann Bracewell

"The good we do is never lost, Each kindly act takesroot, And every bit of love we sow, In time will bear itsfruits." - The Sunday Post - Scottish Paper- Submitted by Christine

"You must 'believe it' to 'perceive it' to 'receive it'to 'achieve it'." - Matthew Ashimolowo- Submitted by Ntai Bagshaw

"The best friend of a lazy man is 'Mr. Excuse' who livesat 'Talk Avenue' and is married to 'Lady Sleep'."- Yomi Kasali

"It's only stress if you care." - Tom Furlong

"Smile and the whole world smiles with you, cry and youcry alone" - Ella Wheeler - Submitted by Jim Cwert

"If at first you don't suceed, try, try, try again."- Thomas H. Palmer - Submitted by Sarah Elizabeth


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