The Harmonious Fully-Integrated
Sovereign Individual Trinity

The Individual Trinity
Awareness & Strength are Skills.
Practice Wisely. Be Aware & Remain Strong.

The Spirit (Psyche) or the Mind, connects the Body through;
1. The Brain / Nervous System (Thought / Perception),
2. The Heart / Circulatory System (Emotion / Perspective),
3. The Gut / Digestive System (Action / Intuition), and
4. The Lymph / Lymphatic System (Fluid / Nourish+Detox)

The Soul (Pneuma) connects the Body & Mind through;
1. The Lungs / Respiratory System (Breath / Integrative).

The Body needs a functional Lung, Heart, Brain, Gut, & Lymph.
(Breath + Fluid + Emotion + Thought + Action)
(Awareness + Knowledge + Understanding + Wisdom + Integrity)

The Body uses Relaxation,Tension, & Nourishment in order to:
Sense, Build/Detox, & Thrive.
• Breath/Fluid & Emotion
• Knowledge & Understanding
• Meditation & Empathy

The Mind uses Knowledge, Understanding, & Wisdom in order to:
Discern, Integrate, & Motivate.
• Emotion & Thought
• Understanding & Wisdom
• Critical Thinking & Imagination

The Spirit uses Solitude, Creativity, & Voluntary Association in order to:
Restore, Express, & Inspire.
• Thought & Action
• Wisdom & Integrity
• Purpose & Creation


Resources & Tools:
Physical, Mental, & Financial Health & Liberty
(Body - Mind - Spirit)


Beyond Existence

Physical, Mental, & Financial Health & Liberty
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Most of the links on this site that go to other sites are affiliate links that I receive a small commission when you purchase their products. All affiliate links have products that I have personally used, support, and would recommend. I use these resources to help optimize my body, mind, and spirit.


  • Pursue the knowledge to understand and practice the actions that increase your health, wealth, and wisdom while gaining physical and mental strength to maintain them all in harmony and integrity with nature.

    Self-determination begins with an awareness and understanding to rationally decide on a self-care action plan and then proceeding with confident persistence one-step-at-a-time. Get some Motivation or learn some Meditation.

  • Divest from the influence of unanalyzed popular crowd, mob-mentality, cult of personality, and other social engineering tactics that may take away your individual power and self-determination.

    Learn to critically analyze your own thinking process to understand the difference between belief and knowledge, fact and fiction; what is rational or not and what is morally right or not. Trivium Method and Voluntaryist

  • Learn what is not taught in compulsory schools, corporate/government sponsored colleges, or reported in the biased mass media, I encourage you to explore the following alternative and independent sources of information to discover and challenge your current knowledge and/or belief system. Go to: No More Fake News - Corbett Report - Zero Aggression Project and University of Reason.

  • Use wise principled effort to do that which gives you enthusiasm while continue being a life-long learner and doer to transform, build, and protect your new gains in health, wealth, and liberty.

    Realize the responsibility to create or maintain the health and freedom of your own body and mind. Gain the courage to work through any fears and be dedicated to maintain the habit of doing what needs to be done. Get things done with this simple and effective method called Simpleology or just use paper and pencil to create your own strategy.

  • Create and enjoy rational values needed or wanted for yourself and others.

    Learn and study about your current interests to possibly discover new or different areas of interest and then know the difference between needs required and wants desired for life, liberty, and happiness - Body/Mind/Spirit.

  • Get out and stay out of unnecessary debt to maintain a firm foundation, less hardship and worry, and more prosperity and happiness.

    Save at least 10% of your income and/or consolidate high interest rate debt into a lower interest rate loan. If you need to restore your credit, get help from Credit Assistance Network or your situation may be to use the lending services of Prosper to start a profitable business, pay off higher interest debt, or become a peer-to-peer lender with others.

  • Invest in yourself and others using win/win tools to build and secure your future independence and legacy.

    1. Pay your tuition and take a course at the Innerversity, Liberty Classroom, the University of Reason, or get UnSlaved;
    2. Everything produced from land is tangible and REAL; Productive land is REAL estate; Precious metal represents portable land; Precious metal is REAL money;
    3. Use low-cost/high-value financial services from Wealthfront and Asym Capital to become a long-term investor in the worldwide market of the creation and exchange of values.


    Resources & Tools:
    Physical, Mental, & Financial Health & Liberty

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