"Aspiring Millionaires Believe in Property Rights"

© 2003 Stuart Goldsmith

What about your property rights? If you aspire to millionaire status, this means that you are attempting to accumulate property and expect to retain it. What does our society have to say about your rights in this matter?

The state holds that you do not have the right to the fruits of your own labor. They have first claim on that; you get what's left. So what property rights can you have, in the face of such blatant enslavement? Why, none, of course! The state can walk right in and confiscate anything and everything you own. There are dozens of different laws allowing them to do this.

There can be no individual rights without property rights.

Next, we live in a democracy. Furthermore, this is a political system existing within a mixed economy, that is, communism in partnership with capitalism - a ludicrous and impossible contradiction.

There are no guiding principles in modern politics. There is no particular direction we are heading as a country - we're just meandering around aimlessly, drifting with the tide of populist opinion. We have no goals, targets, principles, ethics or direction.

So what are politicians? Simply power-brokers. Backed by force, they extract life-values from the citizens, and then negotiate with the long queue of lobbyists who are desperate for free money. The politicians swap this free money for political power. That sums-up the current political process in our democracy.

A democracy without enshrined individual rights, is merely gang warfare - which gang, with the loudest demands can force their ideas upon the rest of us. Remember, a democracy allows 51% of the people to vote to send the other 49% to the gas chambers. Extreme, but it underlines the essential error of believing wholeheartedly in democracy as the perfect system. More realistically, democracy allows one gang to force the rest of the population to slave for them.

The statists and altruists seek absolute control of your life. The message is simple, "You are a tool of the state. We demand that you sacrifice yourself for the good of others. Your ambition, your talents your energy, they count for nothing. We will confiscate all of these and give them away so that we might retain power. Rejoice in your sacrifice."

Finally comes the exaltation, "With rights come responsibilities." Be very alert if you ever hear this.

Responsibilities to whom? Society? But since society is a collection of individuals, this becomes responsibilities to other, unknown and unspecified individuals.

What responsibilities? To feed them? To house them and clothe their children? To provide them with jobs, cars, telephones and holidays through the sweat of your brow?

You have no such responsibility and I proclaim it here and now.

If I ever do such a thing, it will be as a limited charitable gift made by me, directly to the person concerned.

"With rights come responsibilities."

What 'rights' does the statist mean? You should already have the three inalienable rights previously mentioned - the right to life, liberty and property, the latter being the right to retain the fruits of your labor. You don't need the state's permission for these rights. They are not a 'gift' of the state. They are yours with or without the existence of a state, let alone their permission.

So what 'rights' do the altruists mean? The 'right' to join the others at the trough? The 'right' for your share of the free money? The 'right' to be looked after, coddled and protected by a nanny state? The 'right' to have the consequences of your errors mitigated at the expense of other citizens? The 'right' to have ineptitude, idleness and lack of forethought compensated for by staking a claim in the energy and talents of others? The 'right' to waive responsibility for your own self-imposed ill-health and have others pick up the tab?

I have and desire no such rights and I proclaim it here and now.

Now I sincerely hope I did not bore you with these thoughts. The statements you have just read lie at the very core of my belief structure and are, I believe, essential if you want to make and keep great wealth.

In order to think and act like a millionaire you must have a warrior's code. A 'code of ethics' if you like, although I hesitate to use the word because it has been stolen and distorted by the very people who are trying to grab your life values.

The code of ethics for a warrior is simply one of rational selfishness.

Again, the word 'selfish' has been twisted into a spitting insult rather than a noble description of man's highest virtue. For countless centuries we have been lied to, mislead, cheated and abused by con-artists whose intent has been to trick us out of our hard-earned life-values. And they have been successful. Religions and governments have ruthlessly suppressed the people and forced them to become unwilling slaves to a higher good. There is no higher good, of course, merely the desires of the con-men for power and aggrandizement.

The concept of rational selfishness as proposed by Ayn Rand (and others) is a big subject, and one I will not try to explain here. However, if you are to become a happy, wealthy and empowered human being then you must understand the fundamentals.


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